Why Lab Hot Air Oven is a necessary in Today’s world

Laboratory Hot Air Oven is popularly used in different industrial applications and research as well. In industries like biotech, pharmaceutical and manufacturing units, we used it for curing, annealing, drying and sterilisation. However, sometimes application require different test conditions, like different working temperature range and thus require a wide variety of ovens to fulfill the demands. In this post, we will learn more about the role of hot air oven in testing the quality of Products.

Importance of Lab Hot Air Oven in Different Industries

Dry sterilisation is the process of decontamination of the utensils and instruments after use. Popularly done in biomedical applications, hot air sterilisation is very much preferred over wet sterilisation. It is more suitable for glassware.

Curing is the process in which it exposed a material to heat to harden the composition. This can be done by combining air flow with heat. This is either used for drying or for treatment of the sample prior to further testing. Hot air oven widely used in plastics and rubber in polymer research, nanotechnology, and semiconductor industries.

Annealing is the process of exposing of material to high temperature and then to low temperature. This is either done for enhancing the properties of the material or used while moulding or shaping of a material. In metallurgy, it is widely used to increase the ductility of the material. Ovens used for annealing require stainless steel chambers for annealing of plastic into catheter and syringes.

Drying of the sample without affecting its natural properties is an intricate task. Laboratory hot air oven is a common sight in biomedical labs, clinical labs and other laboratories. It is either used for drying the samples to a certain level or for removing excessive moisture from the sample. Apart from this, it is used for drying the wet utensils and instruments.

In the general lab, it used ovens for drying and heating. But in industries, we used it with some different perspective. It is widely used in the pre-treatment of the sample before testing for tension, compression, deformation, deflection, etc. Other prime uses are.

  • Testing of electronics
  • Analysing the shelf life of circuits at extreme temperatures
  • Solder strength testing
  • Accelerated heat testing
  • Altering the chemical nature of polymers

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