Top 10 Chinese Office Furniture Manufacturers in 2023


China is now considered the world’s largest exporter of furniture. We will inform you of details about the top ten furniture makers from China on this subject so you can have a handy source. This article can also assist you in understanding the growth of the furniture industry in China. It will help you understand the process when negotiating a deal with a Chinese manufacturer.


Suppose you’ve understood what is happening in the Chinese furniture business and are well-versed in the history behind the development of this industry. In that case, you will be able to achieve the best results for your furniture requirements by negotiating business deals with a Chinese office furniture manufacturer. With all of the vital information available and being the decision maker of your company, it is possible to take advantage of lucrative furniture deals with the Chinese sector.


When we think of adorning our office spaces, we should first prioritize choosing the best office furniture available. We are aware that comfortable and well-designed office space will increase the efficiency of an office. Additionally, it creates a positive impression on your customers because it makes them feel relaxed. To meet the needs of office workers, like desks for offices chairs, desks and other furniture for offices, we should look first at the market for furniture in china.


Why is it important to get the best office furniture?


When we’re in the office, every action impacts the office. If you choose the color of the walls of your office, plan seating arrangements for your employees or think about lighting, each decision will have an impact. So, when you decide to pick office furniture, consider what impact it has on your employees at the workplace. In light of what this will have on the employees, we’ve put together an outline that best explains what is important to consider when choosing furnishings for the office.

Market share for a certain furniture kind


1. It improves the productivity of your workplace.

Many people aren’t aware of it yet, but it’s a fact that having the best office furniture will always increase efficiency in your workplace. The variety of office furniture does more than make your office appear more appealing. However, it also creates the best working conditions. Assure each employee of a table, chair, personal computer, and other essentials. By acquiring all the essential equipment, your employees can perform more efficiently and comfortably. A well-designed modern office area with coordinated furniture is sure to boost the enthusiasm of your staff members.


2. The right office furniture will leave an outstanding impression on your customers.

Suppose you run a business with regular client visits and meetings with business clients. In this scenario, you’ll require an office with modern furniture that best reflects the expertise of your company organization. It leaves an outstanding impression on clients as they can see how your workplace is equipped with modern and cutting-edge technology. But if they observe boring furniture in the space, which is not in keeping with the overall office design, they’ll be hesitant to trust your company.


3. A good furniture selection will provide you with ample storage space.

A clean office must be neat and well-organized. That’s where the best furniture choice comes in handy. A wide selection of furniture will allow you to keep all your documents, stationery and other essential items in a neat and organized way. Additionally, it can improve your productivity as you’ll always be aware of the exact location of your documents and where to get them in times of need.


4. The right furniture meets the requirement for comfort in the workplace.

When work is a job that requires one to sit for long days, this is why it’s important to provide a proper working environment for comfort by having the appropriate furniture. Find your employees chairs that have arm and back support so that they can focus more on concentration and be more productive.


Additionally, choosing the appropriate furniture is crucial because it impacts the efficiency of employees and ensures that your company is successful and seamless.



Why import Office Furniture from China?


With the plethora of furniture producers accessible, you’ll enjoy good value and unbeatable quality at China’s most affordable and competitive costs. This is the primary reason that most private companies, companies, and furniture importers would prefer to import office furniture from China’s furniture industry over any other nation.


If you are planning to buy office furniture within the next few months, then you must know a few things about buying office furniture from China’s furniture market to get the best price for your needs.


This page will provide you with all the information required to purchase office furniture wholesale from China.


1. China provides a unique furniture industry sector

China includes a zone for furniture production inside the Foshan Shunde District. It is believed to be the most important manufacturing base for furniture, with manufacturing facilities. The area is also regarded be the oldest furniture industry, as it was established over thirty years in the past. Within the area, you’ll discover Lecong city, which is said as the center of China’s biggest furniture manufacturers and exporters. More than 3800 furniture shops within Lecong city house over three thousand dealers. The city’s annual revenues are astonishingly over 30 billion Yuanknown as the most lucrative in the country.


Another well-known furniture manufacturing center is located in Longjiang town, which is known to have the highest share of national furniture sales across the country. It is close to 1/6 of the total furniture market. Furthermore, East and North China have their industrial zones for furniture manufacturing. You can discover quality furniture producers in the provinces of Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu. In the north, you can find these companies in Shandong, Hebei, and other Northern districts. The furniture zone in the northern part of China is the most dominant part of China’s traditional Chinese furniture business.


2. China’s furniture industry accounts for 25% of all furniture manufacturers in the entire world

The Chinese furniture market has grown steadily in recent years. The furniture industry alone was responsible for 1.4 billion Yuan of annual GDP in 2001. Just a decade passed, and the numbers increased from 1130 to 1300 billion Yuan. All the steady growth over time turned China’s furniture industry into the sole producer of 25% of world furniture.


Top 10 Furniture Manufacturers of Office Furniture in China


When we deal with retail or wholesale furniture dealers for office furniture, It is essential for us to work with skilled suppliers and manufacturers. We need to prioritize brand recognition design, style, high-quality production, a reasonable delivery time, and after-sales support when choosing the best furniture supplier in China.


This guide will show us how to select the best office furniture manufacturer in China and import furniture from China.


1. Aurora

Aurora Group Aurora group was established in Taiwan around 1965. The beginning of history began with the sale to offices of desk clocks. Now, fifty years, Aurora is offering all kinds of office supplies that can be utilized in the office. In addition, Aurora group has now set up several related companies namely Aurora Office Automation, Aurora office furniture, Aurora 3D, Aurora Intelligent Equipment, and Aurora cloud-based merchants in mainland China.


Information about the factory

Aurora’s primary manufacturing site is within the Chinese city of Jiading Park, located in Shanghai. Aurora has established six of the largest office furniture manufacturing facilities in that area. The furniture produced by these facilities is exported across North America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.


Main products

Aurora group provides a range of various products that can be used in the office. They offer computer equipment for the office, communications techs, office cloudservices, 3D printing, and other electronic products for offices. To meet your office requirements, there are two types of primary office equipment from them:

Office Desk

Office chairs


2. Steelcase

When founded in Michigan in the USA in 1912, as the production of office furniture made from the metal company, Steelcase Company’s initial patent was to create metal garbage bins. In the near future, this product was replacing traditional wicker garbage containers from the market. In 1919, Steelcase started growing its presence in the national market, and began its new series of cabinets and desks production.


Steelcase was first called Steelcase Inc. at the time of 1954. They provided furniture with over 400 full truckloads to Sears Tower in Chicago. Since then, they’ve brought more innovative ideas into their products, ensuring everyone feels comfortable in their workplace.


Details about the factory

Steelcase Group employs more than 12,700 people around the world, and in China only, they employ around 800 furniture merchants. In China the main showrooms are located at Beijing in Beijing and Shanghai, and they also have dealers throughout Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Qingdao, and many more across mainland China.


Main products

Steelcase offers a broad selection of options for office furniture items:


Tables and desks



Space division

Accessories such as lighting, office decor and more.


3. Land Bond

Landbond was founded in 1984. Their primary focus was on top-quality solid furniture made of wood Sofa sets, mattresses, sofas, custom-designed cabinets, carpets, and other furniture items about production, design, and sales. They cover 100 percent of first and second-tier cities, and 70 percent of third-tier cities within their home market. Additionally, they cover a large portion of cities and regions across the globe.


Information about the factory

Landbond is a privately owned company that is a leader in the manufacturing and developing its international and domestic markets. Over 20 years of development they have developed an international brand that is the top firm in the furniture manufacturing industry in China.


Main products

Landbond Group deals with the following products for offices:

Single sofas

Function sofas

Suites with upholstered seating

Landscapes with seating, cushions, and other elements

Swivel chairs, chairs that have castors


4. Redapple

Famous since 1981 in the city of Hong Kong, the Redapple group is primarily focused on high-end panel furniture, mattresses, sofas, and custom-made furniture to meet every need. As a modern company, Redapple incorporates research and development, marketing, production, and other services.


Details about the factory

The company is located at Queshan Industrial Park, Shenzhen and Longhua New District. It covers 40000 square meters. Red Apple was also awarded “2015-2016 the Top Ten Contemporary Fashionable Furniture Brand” in China’s home Furnishing Industry.


Main products

Tables and desks

Accessories and decor for the home

Sofas, mattresses

Panel furniture

Tailor-made furniture

High-quality office furniture and accessories


5. Meet&Co

Meeting&Co Office Furniture is a well-known and the most affordable manufacturer of office furniture located in China. As the most trusted supplier of office furniture, Meet&Co manufactures the most innovative and modern office furniture that can be used to transform your office into a fully functional workspace. They create furniture that provides a more efficient and comfortable workplace setting for all office requirements. Meet&Co is a group of highly skilled experts who have been making top-quality furniture for their clients for many years and are still doing so. Their furniture is well-designed and reasonably priced as well.


Details about the factory

Meet&Co is located in Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. With a total area of 12000 square meters, The showroom is a one-stop for all office furniture. The showroom provides the entire range of school, office, government furniture, organization, and office furniture.


Main products

Office desks, office chairs, office sofa

Furniture for schools Workstations for offices ergonomic chairs desks for schools chairs for school

Standing desks, electric standing desks

Plastic chairs and filing cabinets, office desks and chairs



QUANU is a large-scale company established in 1986, focusing on an extensive home furnishing industry. The company is part of research, production, and sales, with over 30 years of hard work. With years of experience, QUANU Company specializes in making sofa sets, furniture in the style of a panel mattress, sofa beds, and solid wood furniture, customized furniture, and more.


Information about the factory

QUANU has four manufacturing facilities in Chengdu, Dongguan, Langfang as well as Puyang, China, with more than 4600000 square metres. QUANU Furniture has over 100,000 employees and 5,500 stores across Pakistan, North Korea, China, and more.


Main products

Panel style furniture

Sofa sets, sofa beds, mattresses

mattresses, solid wooden furniture

Customized furniture products


7. QM

QM furniture was established in 1993. The group was initially called Quemi. Since its creation that time, QM group has seen constant growth, which is why it’s become the most popular household name with the most sales designs, production, and designs. Additionally, QM was listed on the main screen of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015.


Information about the factory

The company is located at Wangjing North St., Chaoyang District, headquartered in Beijing, China. The company provides its customers by providing customized home services.


Main products

Wooden furniture

Manufactured boards and furniture that are integrated

Furniture for rooms like the living area, study area, and bedroom. It also serves as a dining room as well as a children’s rooms.

Tailor-made furniture

Curtains, mattresses, and other accessories for your home.


8. Louvre

The company is located at Lecong, Shunde, and was founded in 2000. The group is widely regarded as the most prestigious furniture and home furnishings company, with amazing styles, furniture research and development, high-end hotel interiors, mall operations, and business tourism. The group has grown into an industry leader and brand in the field of circulation in China.


Information about the factory

It is located in Shunde District, Lecong Town, Louvre International Furniture Export Center is China’s largest mid- and luxury furniture store. It offers 400,000 square feet of floor space that showcases the most exclusive and luxurious furniture that is adored all over the world. The company has one goal: to showcase the top Foshan furniture manufacturer together in one location.


Main products

Kitchenware and kitchenware accessories

Home decor products

Lighting, carpet

Furniture to be used for business


9. Hongye office furniture

Since being in China for over twenty years now, Hongye Office Company is mainly focused on providing the world with the most affordable and efficient office furniture. Since the company’s inception at the end of 1999, they have provided office chairs and OEM or ODM services. Presently, their clients and their products and services have diversified to the fields of finance, science and technology education, government agencies, and other sectors. Through their constant investments in technology, talent Research Development, Hongye Office Company has grown to become China’s most renowned office furniture maker.


Information about the factory

In Jiangmen, Guangdong , their production facility covers 100 square meters. Their products come at an affordable price, utilizing the finest manufacturing technology and top-quality components, and their products are of the highest quality and have the lowest price.


Main products

Ergonomic office chairs

Modern office furniture, education furniture furniture


10. Merryfair

Merryfair was founded to manufacture parts for components in 1974. In 1982, the company ventured into producing chairs to be used in offices. The company quickly followed its place and soon became Malaysia’s most well-known office furniture producer. Following that, they began exporting office furniture into the international market at the beginning of 1985.


Details about the factory

The manufacturing base is at Jalan Korporat, Taman Perindustrian Meru, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia. The quality control for the production process is rigorous and meticulously implemented at every stage.


Main products

Seating Products

System Furniture

Desking Elements

Design Resources


How do you choose office furniture?


You might want to purchase office furniture from top Chinese furniture makers. If that is the case, you must know the steps below that will be extremely helpful to choose the best office furniture.


The first step is to decide on the style and look of the furniture you use for your office.

A furniture selection that does not complement the decor of your office isn’t a great option. If you are struggling to decide on office furniture, you should opt for a stylish desk chair in black. If you want to give your office to have a distinctive look, then you must locate a manufacturer who offers custom-made furniture. Their R&D department can guide you in selecting the appropriate furniture that is best suited to your office.


Second step: Identify the space in your office.

If you are looking for furniture for each space at your workplace and particular furniture for each space. If so, you must consider these aspects to select the right office chairs and accessories according to your office’s requirements.


The third step is to decide on your budget.

After you have assessed the need for the furniture you have chosen for your office as well as its design and its exact size, then the last thing you should take into consideration is the cost. There are many dealers and manufacturers that offer a flexible MOQ.



 If you’re looking to buy office furniture from abroad, it is quite affordable to buy your office furniture from China. The country is now the largest furniture producer worldwide, with the most modern furniture production facilities. Furthermore it is the Chinese furnishings market has become the longest-running furniture market. This makes them specialists in the trade of furniture and exporting business.


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