As an Indonesian citizen who will manage a website in that country, of course you can choose the country code top level domain domain extension , namely the domain ID. Regarding this one domain, did you know that this one domain extension not only comes with various advantages but also interesting facts? So, we will discuss interesting facts about domain ID in this article. So, you will know more information about this one domain so you won’t hesitate to immediately buy the domain to complement the website domain name you want to get.   Overview of Domain ID Don’t know what a domain ID is, even though you’ve often seen websites that use that domain extension? Domain ID is a country specific domain extension for Indonesia which is also the country code top level domain for Indonesia. For those of you who run a business in Indonesia or have to manage an organization’s website located in Indonesia, domain ID can be the right choice. Although the ccTLD domain itself has been used since 1985 in several countries such as America, England and Israel, in Indonesia, the new ccTLD was used in 1993 until now.   PANDI recorded around 350 thousand more domains using domain ID extensions by the end of 2019. Of […] read more