VISANG EDUCATION’s brand, AllviA is providing digital Education products for global learners. And its education products such as interactive learning and digital educational content can facilitate communication between students and teachers. Real-time interactions are created by sharing results with peers and teachers, which allows the direct collaboration through digital content.  AllviA EliF (Interactive English Language Learning Program) ELiF is an interactive English language learning program designed to promote a knowledge-based digital elementary English learning program. The learning flows of EliF consist of pre-class, main class, and after-class that are the process for learning and understanding students’ progress as well.  EliF Pre-Class to do self-directed learning with digital devices Ø  Word Training: Learn vocabulary and make one self to solve problems. Ø  Listening Comprehension & Sentence Listening: Learn by watching multimedia. By listening to and repeating phrases, AI can measure the correctness of the intonation and pronunciation. Ø  Reading Comprehension & Sentence Building: Practice reading about a variety of subjects. Practice sentence structures. Ø  Expression & Grammar: Enhance the grammar skills by practicing the phrases learned in listening comprehension and reading comprehension. EliF Main class to produce high learning outcomes by interactive learning Ø  Learning through multimedia interaction: Activities using video recordings and digital devices improve students’ participation. Ø  Synchronized learning results: Teachers […] read more