POLYTEC is a high-quality clutch master cylinder parts and clutch release cylinder parts manufacturer in South Korea. It also provides the highest quality vehicle parts. They promise to do their best to always be available to customers, supplying advanced and high quality products in order to be a competitive in both the domestic and international markets.  With the accumulation of skill, distinguished manpower, and the most recent equipment, they specialize in the outstanding and salient automotive products.  Polytec Clutch Master Cylinder Parts  The clutch master cylinder is connected to the clutch slave cylinder by hoses. It will collect the pedal stroke information once the clutch pedal is pushed, so as to allow the brake fluid to flow from the clutch master cylinder to the slave cylinder, applying the necessary pressure to separate the clutch effectively.  Polytec is committed to providing a high-quality range of clutch master cylinder parts to their valued customers. These parts are available in a variety of specifications while adhering to international quality standards. Furthermore, these parts can be customized to meet the needs of their customers. Features of clutch master and release cylinder parts Ø  Accurate and compact structure with lightweight design, precise and easy matches […] read more