When was the last time you physically examined a product before putting it back on the shelf with the intention of subsequently making an online purchase? Have you recently started purchasing household goods and groceries on your phone or tablet? For a variety of reasons, convenience is the main factor that has led to online shopping’s success over brick and store retail. Retailers now have a huge potential to expand their online presence and business in order to boost sales and growth as a result of the movement in customer buying preferences from in-store to online. E-commerce has benefited greatly from cloud computing technologies during this transformation in many different ways. Businesses should carefully consider how cloud computing might save them both money and time as they strive to develop or expand their ecommerce cloud services. Here are the top 5 advantages of cloud computing for online shopping: Scalability: You may expand your online presence as rapidly as your business expands thanks to cloud hosting. The cloud’s scalability perfectly meets the demands of the retail industry. Your expansion will be slowed down if you add more servers on your own or raise money to expand your IT infrastructure. One great example […] read more