The Language of the body: POSTURE   Posture is a word that comes from Latin ponere, which literally means “to put”. It is related to how we position, or collocate our bodies in space. Subconsciously, we all know that good posture is somehow better, healthier than “bad” posture. We do not know exactly why, but instinctively we know that a certain body simmetry when comparing left to right, paired with standing upright (chin up and shoulders back!) is definitely…better.   However, what is it that affects our posture and why do some people have better posture than others? Does it affect how the body works or is it merely an aesthetic aspect of our bodies? What does somone’s posture SAY about that person, and why? Human posture is an expression of a series of important internal processes (both physiological and psychological). It tells the world around us if we are in touch with ourselves or if we have lost touch with ourselves; it tells the world how well we are coping with life’s daily stressors; it communicates a state of mind, a feeling in a much more direct way than actual language. It is the modality through which the body communicates outside what’s going on inside. Moreover, if we want to consider […] read more