Spray Plaster Walls Technology – 9 Major Features

Cement and gypsum can do Spray Plaster Walls fly material, from the presentation, gypsum strength and general base wall are moderately coordinating, won’t seem cement mortar breaking and void drum issue; as far as energy saving, gypsum devours just a third as much energy as cement and discharges just a 10th as much carbon dioxide as cement. 

From the Point of natural security, gesso has a great deal of ecological insurance trademark like subjective light, ingest heat, sound protection, fire resistance, help breath, can be reused limitlessly, accord with the essential objective that the nation creates energy-saving ecological assurance industry. Created country inside wall plastering 90% is to utilize gesso mortar, gesso mortar additionally is homegrown plastering material advancement bearing. Look from market value, cement mortar is low, be in regularly 200 ~ 300 yuan, gesso mortar needs tall, abroad gesso spray coater cost is in 2000 yuan or something like that, homegrown gesso spray coater has 1000 yuan or so as it were. Albeit the cost of gypsum mortar than cement, yet thinking about the expense of later support and natural advantages and other far-reaching factors, as interior wall plastering materials, gypsum mortar execution is superior to cement mortar, can work on the quality and grade of inside wall design.

The break of inside wall plaster and the void drum is the issue that everyone minds more. Gypsum mortar won’t seem breaking and void drum peculiarity, mostly because:

To begin with, cement spray plaster walls machine is by and large utilized build added substance creation, in this way expanding the gypsum mortar and base holding, change gypsum versatile form, make it and circulated air through the substantial square match, lessen plaster gypsum shrinkage rate, increment gypsum water degree of consistency, consequently shut down the event of breaking and void drum peculiarity.

Second, the cement spray plaster walls machine is through the tension of air sped up to fly to the wall, with a specific measure of bounce back, this implies that wet mortar and base with a decent attachment, wet mortar is consistently sprayed to the wall, with a decent congruity, adequately forestall the wall void drum and the danger of breaking.

Third, before the spraying development, need to be in the base wall material association, just as somewhere out there plastering surface 33% of the establishment of antacid lattice fabric, to forestall void drum and break.

Feature one

The machine spray plaster walls, and mortar has amazing similarity and bond with different base walls, and there is no mortar empty peculiarity during the development cycle.

Feature two

With the expanding fame of finely embellished homes, designers are giving increasingly more consideration to the nature of inside wall plastering, any other way it will prompt rehashed fixes for a very long time. This is particularly recognizable at creases and trunking.

The Cement mortar has no shrinkage, which stays away from the dry shrinkage break of the cement mortar and the break at the joint.

Feature three

Cement mortar is by and large made of cement and yellow sand at the site, and the quality is temperamental. Cement mortar is pre-blended from the plant, and it tends to be worked with just water, and it has solid controllability.

Feature four

Cement mortar development effectiveness is low, laborers work serious, and automated development is restricted. Machine spray plaster walls mortar is not difficult to work, can be automated, high effectiveness, diminish work power, 2 arrangements of spraying gear for 2 individuals, development region is 400-600 level/day.

Feature five

Later the cement mortar is generally evened out, it needs cement evening out and clay to gather light, and the course of multiple times is tedious and difficult. Later the cement mortar is evened out, it will be lit with the confronting clay. 2 passes of the interaction, 2 hours of solidarity. Following 7 days, you can do other work, for example, wallpaper, which is fast and simple.

Feature six

Temperature and dampness are two significant marks of building space solace. Cement inside the wall can assimilate dampness, change indoor moistness, and isn’t difficult to shape. It enjoys significant benefits in heat conduction execution. The hotness protection impact is multiple times that of cement mortar. Unrivaled execution.

Feature seven

Solid imperviousness to fire: Both cement and gypsum are Class A1 flame-resistant materials, yet the properties of the gypsum decide his better presentation in fire insurance.

Feature eight

Diminish building burden and save development costs:

Lightweight plaster diminishes the heap on the whole structure. The lightweight plaster is made out of 80% gypsum and 20% glass dabs. The weight is 1/2 of the cement mortar; the structure burden can be decreased by 90kg/m2.

Feature nine

Wellbeing and natural security: (in Europe and the US, the extent of plaster inside wall plastering materials is 90%)

Fire-resistant resistance far-reaching a fire-resistant -reaching the terial of light plastering gypsum is desulfurization gypsum for power plant squanders, which has a place with strong waste use project. Since the entire item is the pre-blended completed item, the residue issue of on-location use is killed. Gypsum burns through just 1/3 of cement, carbon dioxide emanations are just 1/10 of cement, gypsum PH is 7, and cement has a pH of 11-12. Gypsum is all the more harmless to the ecosystem.


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