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Quran, from its first word till the last is a Book that habitually gives the impact of a Divine Speech and word after word and page after page it unravels a sea of knowledge, explanation, morality, guidance and Peacefulness.

Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists). He has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood). Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous. Who has taught (the writing) by the pen. He has taught man that which he knew not” [al-‘Alaq 96:1-5]

So, this Hadith shows that best of all are those who are connected with Quran (by learning it and assigning its beneficial knowledge


Being a religious scripture, Quran aggravates the intention of understanding the surroundings and brooding over things in the reader. It is the direct addressing of Allah Almighty to the humans. Therefore, if a person wants to purify his or her soul and become closer to God, then understanding Quran is the best and humblest way of doing so.


Quran has long been used as a medicine for gaining several health benefits by Muslims, and now science certifies its affects also. Hazrat Abdul Malik bin Umair (RA) reports that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said:
“In Surah Fatiha there is a cure for all ailments.”


Every word of Quran is delightful and elegant. However, when one learns to recite Quran the right way, then the reader instantly falls in love with Quran.


When kids are exposed to Quran they come under its influence and thus grow to be more responsible and virtuous individuals. Quran presents a complete code of life, thus when kids know about the principles of Quran they start realizing it early in their life leading to becoming a better Muslim.

Quran learning is equally required from both Muslim men and women. Muslims start learning Quran from the early years of life. The constantly connection with Qur’an through its learning brings Muslim closer to the Creator, brings great blessing in this worldly life and will be a source of big reward in the hereafter.

Importance of online Quran: 

In today’s fast-paced life, children are often busy with school, sports, and other extra-curricular activities. Home tutors are only available during responsible hours, for they need to travel. An online Quran tutor can easily fill this gap because they teach from the comfort of their homes. The student and online Quran teacher share a special bond because kids nowadays prefer being online rather than offline. It is also a refreshing change from them having to attend school every morning physically.

So, what to do in such a situation?

Look for a reliable online Quran academy that offers online Quran classes.

When take online classes you will definitely compel you to learn Quran online instead of going to a madrasa or mosque.


One of the biggest concerns parents has how their kid is learning. Unfortunately, you cannot have proper monitoring of your child’s performance when they are going to a madrasa. Being a parent, you are always interested to know whether your kid is properly learning or not. When you take online Quran classes. You can sit beside your kid when they are taking their Quran class online. Additionally, you can contact the teacher to get an accurate report of your kid’s performance.


When going to a madrasa, you may have to travel a lot due to the unavailability of any madrasa nearby. If you’re a student, it will be exhausting for you to drop your school back and immediately go to a madrasa as the clock is ticking and you don’t want to get late. Doing it on a daily basis is no easy task.  When you’re learning the Quran online. There is no need to even step out of your room to take your Quran classes online. Just open your laptop or any other device you use to take classes 


Everyone is short on time these days. We all want to spare some hours for some important chores in our life but can’t, the flexibility of days and schedules is maybe the most beneficial aspect of online classes.

The 24/7 accessibility of online teachers accommodates learners from all time zones. Kids can continue attending school, playing sports, mingling with friends without feeling cramped for time.


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