How to get Scholarships for Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is often an expensive choice, but there are ways to save money if you plan well in advance. You need a scholarship that will provide considerable financial support. Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to get a scholarship to study abroad:


  • Do the Research – Start your research early, so you get quite some time to find ample options. Each scholarship has its own set of requirements. Hence, it is important, that you have enough time to provide the requested information and submit your application forms before the deadline.


  • Apply for multiple scholarships – There are hundreds of scholarships, including those awarded by private foundations and the government bodies of your host nation or home country. Look beyond the scholarship programs offered by your host university. Important for you to apply for multiple scholarships. 


  • A good craft CV for Study Abroad Scholarships – The most important part is how you write it! A scholarship CV will be different from a regular CV. When it is a foreign country you are applying to, the modifications are even more necessary. To apply for scholarships, make your CV in a way that talks about you being the right candidate for the scholarship, and how the money invested in you by the organization is justified.


  • Fill in all the information accurately – The information, including your academic achievements, contact address, and phone number, must be accurate to avoid unnecessary delays. False or incomplete information may lead to the rejection of the application.


  • List out your Achievements – List all your achievements, including the non-academic ones. Internships, job experience, and awards are a few factors that can keep you in the limelight. Showing your achievements can tell about your passions and capability in extracurricular activities. Your scholarship application must portray why you are the best candidate for financial aid. Take your time to answer the essay questions, as these will set you apart from others.


  • Provide References – Most scholarships request you to provide references. Choose your referees carefully, and inform them that they will be contacted by the selection panel to know more about your skills and experience. This will help them to be prepared to speak about your skills, most effectively.


  • Grades are important for Study Abroad Scholarships – The most important thing for any scholarship is your academics. The provider needs solid proof that you are the most eligible candidate for the scholarship and not the other thousands of applicants who have applied with you. Apart from your CV and Grades, your application should show your passion for studying, in that particular subject or field, and why you are the most deserving candidate for the application.


  • Apply before the deadline – Never wait till the last minute to submit your application. Late applications are not considered.


Getting a scholarship is tough but not impossible. If you work on the above three factors and submit a good essay, you will surely get a scholarship. The Big Leap Edu is one of the Best Study Abroad Consultants in Bangalore. We have a team of experienced people who are always ready to help you complete your dream abroad study. For more queries contact us at – 9980811882, 9243435253


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