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Permanent cosmetics or micropigmentation is the process of implanting cosmetic pigments into the dermis layer of the skin to improve one’s appearance and save time compared to traditional makeup. The most common areas where permanent makeup is performed are on eyebrows, eye lines and lip lines.


Our aestheticians are state licensed tattoo artists.  We implement a procedure that enhances your features, using a technique that resembles the actual hair strokes of your brows. We can shape and fill them to your desired specification, ranging from natural to a more dramatic appearance. Eyeliner can be done on upper and/or lower lids. Thickness depends on each client’s desired specifications. Lips can be lined or completely filled to achieve desired results.


Brows  Eyeliner  Lip Blushing

Permanent Make up Before and After

Permanent Make up Before and After

Permanent Make up Before and After


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