Electric Rebar Cutter – The Smarter Choice

Rebar cutting might seem simple to an observer, but it can be a tough and repetitive task that requires maximum precision. After all, reinforcing steel bars must be cut to the prescribed length to ensure the structure’s integrity. Using an electric rebar cutter will simplify and speed up the process of cutting reinforcing steel bars.


Premium electric rebar cutters should come with a powerful motor, an industrial-strength machine head, and superior quality hydraulics to perform lightning-quick cuts, usually in under two or three seconds. Look out for rebar cutters that are relatively lightweight with ergonomic handles. Most models are portable and compact, making them easy to transport and set up anywhere.


Better than manual cutters or metal saws.


You might think you’re saving money by relying on traditional manual tools like manual cutters or metal saws to cut rebar. However, they may end up costing you more as they come with additional hazards, rely on repetitive action and aren’t the most efficient use of your time. An electric rebar cutter increases safety and efficiency on construction sites by doing the hard work for you while reducing your effort. And because it cuts rebar quickly, it lets you process more materials and boost your productivity all around, making it possible to speed up the completion of your project.


There’s a rebar cutter for every requirement.


Electric rebar cutters come in different models to suit the size of the steel reinforcing bars you need to cut. You’ll find variants for 4-20mm, 4-25mm, and 6-32mm steel bars. So, you’ll find the best tools to improve your productivity and output. These rebar cutters also help reduce material wastage while encouraging you and your team to be resourceful.


Get high-quality electric rebar cutters.


Make sure you’re investing in an electric rebar cutter from a reputable company known for its high-performing tools for the construction industry. That way, you can be confident in the quality of the product, with smart engineering that ensures an easy-to-use and ergonomic cutting tool to improve the health and safety of your workers.


About the Company:

RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of reinforcing tools such as rebar cutters, rebar benders and rebar tiers. We provide high quality and innovative concreting construction solutions to steel fixers (tradesmen who install rebar), concreters, builders, construction companies, concrete pool builders and much more. We have the largest range of portable, electric and hydraulic rebar construction tools in the market.



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