Carefully crafted and Sustainably Made African Decor Products

Motsi Living is a celebration of the cultural history and sophistication of African décor. We offer a beautiful collection of carefully crafted basketry products, textiles, fine arts, and stoneware. Our new product range connects people with bespoke African homewares.


All our products have the finest combination of historic artisan techniques and contemporary design aesthetics. The handmade products have authenticity and bespoke designs, allowing you to be part of the rich African cultural history.


The products are crafted by Batonga Ladies living in rural areas of Northern Zimbabwe. The women are known for their basket weaving skills of the Binga baskets.



At Motsi, we care about the lives we impact and want to ensure we can take care of our customers and artisan communities in Africa. It is important to us that we play a part in the preservation of old-age customs; therefore, we believe in creating and ethically sourcing products that are carefully and sustainably made, resulting in conscious choices with a positive impact on people, traditions and our planet.


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