Many activities started and stopped during the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems like some of the better ones might be fun to keep up in the post-pandemic world. Maybe you’ve started playing ping pong or another sport in your leisure time at home, but now you’re taking it seriously. 

Playing table tennis at a competitive level can be a lot of fun, and if you want to do so, investing in a stronger table tennis racket is a good place to start. Visit any nearby table tennis centers and give membership some thought. It’s much easier to find competent opponents and begin honing your skills when you’re immersed in a competitive environment.

Since your opponents will most likely want to test you in the same manner, the actual flip side is mastering your game against spin. You must watch the other player’s strokes and figure out the spin, by the way their racket moves.

No two players are alike, yet there are observable patterns of conduct that must be followed in order to achieve a spin. Paying close attention and planning ahead can help you improve your shots and overall game. It’s likely that challenging yourself against the higher-level competition can help you grow as a player.

More and more club-level table tennis players are investing in professional coaching. It’s an option to consider if you have the financial means and are a fan of the game. Games can only take you so far when it comes to learning a new talent; sometimes, you need to put in the time and effort to really hone your abilities.

Table tennis footwork is a great illustration of this since it is slow and understated. Once you’ve learned a better approach, you’ll appreciate its value, but you’ll discover this via actual play more than through simulations. Your coach will evaluate your performance on the field and provide suggestions for your training based on those findings.