To find out how you can calculate and get the fraction of any given decimal number, this article will help you to know that. As you scroll down, you will get details of the methods and the steps to find that.

Now, we will try to understand it by taking an example. Let us consider finding the value of 0.188 as a fraction. For this, we will just follow simple three steps and we will get our answer. These steps are listed below which are:

  1. First we have to write 0.188 in the form of a simple fraction ie. 0.188/1.

  1. Now, we will multiply both the numerator and denominator of this simple fraction by 10 for every number present after the decimal point. As here it’s three so we will write it as- 0.188*1000/1*1000 which gives us 188/1000.

  1. After getting 188/1000, we just need to reduce this obtained fraction by dividing it by its multiples or common factor.

  1. And so on dividing, 188/1000 will come out to be 47/250.

Thus, the final value we get on converting 0.188 as a fraction is 47/250.

What is a fraction and its types?

In mathematics, fraction is defined as a method or a way to represent a portion of a whole thing or it represents the equal parts of a whole. A fraction consists of two parts which are numerator and denominator. The number above is called the numerator whereas the number below is called the denominator. 

Example- Consider there is a cake which is divided into 4 equal parts. So now each part of it will be represented as  ¼  of the whole cake where 1 is numerator and 4 is denominator.

Based on the properties, fractions are divided into different types such as:

  1. Proper Fractions

  2. Improper Fractions

  3. Like Fractions

  4. Mixed Fractions

  5. Equivalent Fractions

  6. Unlike Fractions


As now we know what exactly a fraction is, what are its different types and how we can actually convert a decimal number into a fraction, we can just conclude that the final value we get on converting  0.188 as a fraction comes out to be 47/250. It is no science and actually very easy to calculate and find the fraction of any given decimal number by following the above mentioned steps and the right method. 

What are you still waiting for? Now practice on various problems in which you have to convert a decimal number in fraction and just master it!!