This is a great option for people who plan to use their Volcano Vaporizer every day. The Easy Valve is a convenient way to get started vaping without the need to attach any balloon material. If you’re primarily concerned with price, this might be the best compromise between quality and cost. Sign up to our newsletter to receive 10% off your next purchase

All types of vape pens, mods and e cigarettes fall under this category. The best thing with vaping is its ability to be used anywhere. You don’t need to worry about being caught with your hands in your pockets or having an awkward conversation while smoking out of a bong. Are you planning on using your dry herb vaporizer while on the move?

The answer will depend on the quality of your vape pen and the accessories it comes with. There are many options on both the adult-use market and for medical cannabis. The original Firefly was a sensation.

The glass stem of this portable vaporizer is more easily damaged because it can be carried on the go. Glass mouthpieces are not for everyone, but if you are addicted to the quality vapor and are a little clumsy, make sure you have at least two spares. This unit does not have replaceable batteries, but the pass-through charging feature is a saving grace. This is great for when you run out of power. It will only take 20 minutes to charge the battery and then it will be ready to use. The Solo 2‘s impressive battery life is the main reason it holds second place.

Some vapes, such as the Solo 2 and Mighty+, are super easy to clean, while others, such as the DaVinci or Pax, are a bit more involved. Desktop-desktop tabletop vaporizers ( require an electric plug in and are typically larger than the devices used in-house. Vapes come in a variety of price points. It’s important to keep in mind that vaping is an investment. Vaping is much more efficient than smoking and may reduce your herb intake by half. Hybrid vapes can use both convection AND conduction so they are often called “session vapes.”